Thursday, April 21, 2011

Birthday Invitation

I am definitely no authority on sports - not even in the least bit - but I have an almost two year-old baby boy who is quickly following in his father’s die-hard sports fan footsteps. He has a Cleveland Indians jacket that he would wear to bed if I would only let him... Last weekend when I saw him throw his sippy-cup across the kitchen like a major league pitcher I knew what the theme for his birthday would have to be!

Take me out to Jake’s Birthday! A baseball theme birthday fitting for the little slugger he is growing up to be. I just made these Baseball Birthday Invitations for him:

It is so great that I am now able to offer my custom invitations & announcements in shaped cards!  Basic shapes, curved shapes, scalloped edges, geometric and ornate designs for 5x7 or 5x5 cards. This circular baseball shape really helps express the  sporty Birthday theme in a way that basic rectangle cards just can’t do justice!

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