Friday, August 5, 2011

Kari's Wedding Invitation

  You know that feeling of delight that you get when you open your mailbox and see that big white envelope that can only be a fabulous wedding invitation? Well multiple that excitement by 100 and you will get the feeling I get when I receive an invitation sample from a Design Service Only – Print Yourself client.

  Kari’s destination wedding invitation has me craving a walk on the beach!  Kari and Jacob have chosen  Florida to say their vows and I had the joy of designing her beach-breezy wedding invitations. Kari wanted a look that was elegant and sophisticated with a touch of a casual beach feeling. She showed me photos of a beach with flowing white fabric, and I could immediately feel the sand on my feet and feel the breeze from the ocean. I was perfectly inspired to design a personalized invitation for the beautiful couple.

   Kari printed the design that I made on textured watercolor paper and inserted them into a navy blue pocket fold. All of the details came together so perfectly. I will be waiting on the edge of my seat to see the photos from this wedding! Thank you Kari and Jacob!

The invitation makes a statement about your event, the first impression your guest will get about your big day. Let me help you set the tone and style with color, monogram design and typography.