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Baby Shower Invitation - Rainforest

Nicole is a fabulous friend of mine and I was jumping up and down cheering when she told me that she was expecting a baby. Then I felt so honored that she chose me to design her Baby Shower Invitations!
     Her theme is rainforest and her d├ęcor is based around the Fisher Price Rainforest collection. I illustrated a caricature of Nicole (complete with a cute purse, because that is Nicole!) and placed her into a setting of the animals and rainforest from her theme. I think the illustrations came out pretty adorable! The text that was added compliments the scene and gives it a storybook feel (perfect, because she is requesting books in place of cards!)
     It was a delight to create this customized invitation for Nicole. Thank you so much! I look forward to celebrating with you at your Baby Shower!

Baby Shower Invitation - A Star is Arriving!

I was so honored to receive a message from the gorgeous Briana all the way from Little Rock, Arkansas. She and her baby shower hostesses saw the "A Star is Arriving" Baby Shower Invitation that I designed for Michelle on my blog and thought it would work perfectly with their theme.
   It was a pleasure to get to know her and learn about the fabulous baby shower her hostesses were planning. I illustrated a caricature that matched perfectly with Briana’s likeness and captured her fashionista sense of style. The customized invitation is perfect for a glamorous diva!
Thank you Briana! Have a wonderful day at your baby shower!